Our goal is to create a non biased list of free shell services available on the internet. If you are listed we will monitor servers and website and provide metrics if requested. We are also willing to provide an alerting service when your servers and services are not available. This is all for free just for saying thanks for providing free services.

Monitoring and Metrics

We provide free 3rd party monitoring of your service. We will monitor you from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia to provide the best perspective of your environment so you can provide the best service to your users. We can also monitor your IRC channel(s) and provide you advanced warning on spammers, hackers and other trouble makers.

We also maintain a comprehensive list of IPs and hosts that have been involved in scanning, DDoS and other hacking attempts on associated networks. If you are interested we will also monitor and alert you if your IP addresses or hosts end up in any public lists.

We do not require any agents or accounts to be installed on your server. All monitoring is passive from your perspective we simply check services to ensure ports are open and services are responding correctly. Examples: ssh, http, https, smpt, pop3, imap, irc, ident, znc, etc.

How to get listed and approved


Fill out the registration form at the top of this site where it says "Add Site". Fill out all relevent information. We do not make any information public that you don't want listed. We will not spam you or share any information with any other company, organization or person.


Add this image code to your site. Replace the 0 id with your listing ID or leave blank and our robots will try to figure it out.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

You are welcome to resize or hide the image if you want, but we would appriciate the exposure.